Sunday, July 24, 2005

Marcus breaks his arm

Well we have been through a few really difficult days. Marcus fell from playing on the Monkey bars. It was a very safe playground but Marcus just fell wrong and ended up snapping apart his humerus (upper left arm bone). It was a MAJOR break and he ended up needing surgery. In the midst of it all he went into shock and we are were worried that he might of suffered a head injury. (No one really saw how he fell). He had CT scans and x-rays and has suffered excruciating pain. (That was really hard on mommy as well) The surgery went well and now he has two pins in his bone and a cast. We thank God that it wasn’t any worse than a broken arm.

With four boys in our house, we knew that a broken arm or leg was bound to happen. And Marcus is certainly our little monkey! I was telling this to the doctor yesterday as Marcus lay in the bed doped up and in A LOT of pain. Marcus overheard and spoke up ever so weakly, “NO mommy I not a little monkey, I a BIG monkey” I have to agree. He certainly had a Big Monkey bone fracture.

We are so grateful for your love and prayers.